Hope in an answer! If the screen goes bad the whole screen has to be replaced. I checked it and everything is on right place. Be prepared to speak to 10 people ,with no clue, situated in India. I am using the HP Pavillion dvse laptop from past 2 years. Does it have aspecial part name? I have a compaq evo nc with a strange problem.

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I paviliom see the content on hp pavilion dv6910us xp screen but it is really dim. The hinges can be replaced separately. I have a DV Are you sure the magnet is missing?

Can you get it back to normal if you torque the screen a little bit? Hi, I just disassembled my Hp dv to clean out the fan, which was making a lot of noise. So I just hp pavilion dv6910us xp me inverter into my laptop but when it turns on, it has a red glow to it.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. You can check the cables connected to the inverter board and try reconnecting.

Is pqvilion more than just the screen? Its battery is dead and need replacement. Try reconnecting the webcam cable on both ends — on the webcam module first and then on the motherboard. Hi, I hp pavilion dv6910us xp an issue with my Dell e Than I put it back, I gaved him some fresh warm conducting paste and covered with heatsink.

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

Thanks for any advice you may have. I have no idea what the deal is unless there are some settings i need to adjust that im not aware of. The backlight failed on my HP dvus dv family and so I replaced the inverter board and powered it back up on the battery and the x; bcame hp pavilion dv6910us xp just fine. Please tell me what I should do. I commented about it on this site a few weeks ago and determined that my inverter needed replacing.

I have an Acer z. Any ideas on how to run one of these without a screen? Was able to buy a new screen from ebay and install it myself. I have an HP dvse, and the screen has been goin dim on the left side only for over a year. Can you pailion the cracked screen back and hp pavilion dv6910us xp if the backlight still works? Yesterday the screen was black when I turned it on — actually, the images are still there, but it is very, very dim.

Is this all becasue of the same problem? I already reseated both RAM chips but to no avail…. As I was trying to disconnect the wireless antenna cables, I used — probably hp pavilion dv6910us xp rather too much force and ripped the whole thing off of one of the connections.

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv6000

Is there a remedy? Cv6910us you should test your laptop with another known good adapter. But the temp of the laptop still varies from about Fahrenheit. Do you think I am right in hoping that removing and resetting the RAM cards and hp pavilion dv6910us xp drive I might help my computer work?

Does it make any difference?

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

You description sounds like inverter or backlight lamp failure. The display shows only lines and a pale gray colour, no image. Hold down the Fn key and at the hp pavilion dv6910us xp time tap on the F8 key.

Also, while i am taking apart this computer, is there anything else that can or should be done hp pavilion dv6910us xp improve my computer?? The cd drive will not open when the eject button is pressed, it only open when i put a pin in the little hole on the side. Am I doing something wrong or should I continue to try and pull it out? What happens when you plug the AC adapter.