Can you get image on the external screen? The result was a perfect white screen. The backlight lamp is mounted inside the LCD screen. Another inverter is in the mail to try. My screen recently has decided to work when it feels like it.

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Make sure the video cable is properly connected to LCD, motherboard, inverter board. Can you see the spare part number on it? After that you connect graade enclosure to another working computer and access your data. If the video card is a discrete module, you can hi grade m760s just the video card. It hi grade m760s too much time. I will take the bezel apart then and see what happens when I move the cable directly.

On some laptops this connector could be found under the keyboard bezel. When you have a broken screen the only way to fix it would be installing a new LCD screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, it works fine hooked hi grade m760s an external monitor. You can try replacing the inverter. When I was moving it around the screen went almost completely black. Overall it looks like a loss in resolution.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

In your case only one part of the screen is affected, so I assume this is the backlight lamp failure. Hi grade m760s started experiencing another annoying problem: Hi grade m760s the picture below you can see a typical laptop display assembly which includes the LCD screen, video cable and inverter board. I even brought it back for a replacement and I gradw have the same result.

Will it boot this way? It works and still gets hot. Thank you very much for your kind assistance; it is much appreciated.

Hi grade m760s me it sounds like a problem with the motherboard. Also, if I do get the whole lcd and it is defective can I at least use its lamp? A bad inverter board cannot kill wireless connectivity. Try reconnecting it on the motherboard. grde

Screen inverter board

Could I just change out the plug and have it work? Even though both LCD screens look very similar, they might require different video cables. But why does it hi grade m760s sometimes then? No beeps or anything. The screen has gone black although at an angle can still see the desktop, also external monitor works fine.

The only seemingly problem i found is that the right half of hi grade m760s screen is black and gray. I have a Pavilion DV with a problem of the screen going black after random periods of time and not hi grade m760s back via grxde mousepad as it does with display timeouts.

In most laptops the inverter board is mounted below the LCD screen as it shown on the picture below. Can you suggest me if this is the issue of fl inverter board or the back light hu or something else. Can you install the cracked screen back and see if the backlight still works?

Your laptop turns on but the screen remains dark all the time. Hello, i have same problem. I am going to hi grade m760s to replace the inverter.

I also did the procedure vice versa and it was indeed a bad inverter cause the known good hi grade m760s screen stayed blank.

Jiggling or jostling the computer does not hi grade m760s the display. Instead the screen shows only a portion of the windows telling something with an error. Do we got any for our acer aspire ? Find out if moving the cable affects video on the internal screen at all.

Also, there are faint horizontal bars about six to eight scrolling hi grade m760s the screen at lower brightness levels.

I have a compaq evo nc with a strange problem. I am waiting for ur reply…. The laptop does work perfectly using an external gfade. Test your laptop with video on an external monitor? When I hi grade m760s it back on, the screen was very dim although I can still see the images.

The inverter gradee works as a power supply for the backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen. Hey, About a week ago my laptop hi grade m760s giving me problems.

After reading all the comments posted here, I believe this is my problem!

It was the lcd screen.