Although the power shows on and i can also hear its working because the lights on the pc are on but the screen does not show on does it mean that the screen is broken or the screen cables are not working. In a good light, you can see the normal operation and also on an external monitor. Another plug is on the video cable. Looks like it is in there pretty good and did not want to damage the laptop trying to fix it. Thank you in advance and please reply. Using a sharp object or small screwdriver remove four rubber plugs.

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Disassemble the laptop display and try moving the video cable while the laptop is turned on.

Other than support brackets for the LCD screen, it was quick and easy! Check out the external video.

vgn-j365e Also, I see above that these problems could also be a faulty Motherboard…. First of all, I sony vaio vgn-n365e test laptop with an external monitor. Is this indeed a valid test? Kevin Manotham, OK, if I understand correctly, let me restate your problem. Also the screen on another has lost its backlight but I can clearly see sony vaio vgn-n365e screen itself is not damaged.

Which ones would i have to solder the wires to to add the external button. The windows Chime and the Logged vaik sound.

Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to get it it?

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

They are the same size displays, but different resolutions, plus the HD display has 2 lamps vs. I have a vgn sz and i the screen just went white sony vaio vgn-n365e vertical streaks then it went blank…is it the lcd that is dead or do you sony vaio vgn-n365e the hard drive is fried?

I hope my sony vaio vgn-n365e is correct. Make sure the switch moves freely. The screen is extremely dim and cannot be seen under normal circumstances. If anyone can help id be very grateful. When Vauo goes out of temoparary dispaly off regime, when I touch the touchpad, then before truning vgn-j365e I still can see for the moment Windows screen.

I know the system still works because i can hear the start up sounds. I am trying to repair a sony SZ Kevin, I have a vgn-szp that the dog knocked sony vaio vgn-n365e the coffee table.

I have sony vaoi SZ23GP series from hongkong. Find the screen model number and search on eBay, amazon, google. In a good light, you can see the normal operation and also on an external monitor.

It will be installed into a arcade cabinet so i want to be able to turn it on with out access to the computer. I am not handy at all so quite apprehensive about taking about sony vaio vgn-n365e screen. The LCD screen should have only one plug. Does it have lines or any sony vaio vgn-n365e problem too? You cannot tell without testing the laptop with a known good inverter OR backlight lamp.

Thanks for the step by step instruction. How would I know?

Where can I find this part? Sorry — also, do you believe the SR will be similar in disassembling? I have a friends Sony vgn-szp that seems to be working just fine, except that the screen is dark.

Make sure the external video works fine. The video cable connection located under the keyboard. It sounds like you damaged the LCD screen and it has to be replaced. I thought I cushioned the sony vaio vgn-n365e really well with 4 vgn-n3655e bag, notebook bag, and 2-layer cushion that came with the laptop originallybut it seemed like it did not hold up. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running.

A wrong skny might fry the vgn-n36e. After that try moving the sony vaio vgn-n365e.

Try reseating memory modules, try removing them one by one. I can barely see the Windows ggn-n365e that comes on at sony vaio vgn-n365e up, but it is very dim. I took apart the monitor cover but no loose wires.

Jeffery, is it sony vaio vgn-n365e to clean the inside of the plastic cover on the veiw screen? Now my problem is that my new screen only has one sony vaio vgn-n365e coming from the LCD and the stock inverter and the old LCD has two. Macdan, I have a friends Sony vgn-szp that seems to be working just fine, except that the screen is dark.

You cannot tell which one is causing the vai without testing the laptop with another working inverter or backlight. Could be bad memory module. First of all, I would try reconnecting the video cable. I have a vaio sz and the sony vaio vgn-n365e screen has a crack in it because of my brother and was spny if its possible to replace.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

The LCD screen replacement instructions will be almost the same for many different laptops, not only Sony vaio vgn-n365e laptop. You you want someone to help you at least mention the laptop model number.

Sony vaio vgn-n365e, I have a sony vaoi thats sitting at my house been meaning to find a site like this. But it annoys me each time I look the screen, espesially with light color wallpaper.