I want to buy a graphic card for gaming purposes. Can I ask a question? So, why are you worrying about the compatibility? Privacy policy About Deskdecode Contact Us. I have installed latest drivers from nvdia. Yo, was wondering if GTX will work https: I want to upgrade the gpu on my dell precision

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Thanks for your help and for acer h57h am lan great resource! My motherboard specification is as follows Model: Original to the Dell Alienware Aurora model approximately 8 years old.

With HM-S2 intel motherboard which graphic driver has to be install, because no one graphics drivers is supporting.

h57h-am (v) mainboard specs

Would it be possible to add a second video card probably the same EVGA in the future? So, why are you worrying about the compatibility? So, you can stay with some low or mid-end acer h57h am lan card on your board. These slots come in multiple varieties of sizes. What do I do?

Hi i want to buy a zotac gtx ti. I was thinking of Nvidia series 6 or 8 gb. Madhur, i want to buy a graphics card 2gb. How many RAM sticks you have in your computer?

How to Find Graphics Card Compatibility With your Desktop Computer?

If this is your motherboard. Intel Core i5 2. What is the ddr2 motherboard? My existing card stopped working and so I need a new one that is compatible. Such cards are still in circulation today and could be found on any of the e-commerce platforms out there. Computer Graphic cards form a very important element of a computer system today.

I read alot from other forum before and alot ppl say lga mobo mostly support until pcie 2nd gen. I have a year old Desktop with the following configuration: The version is not mentioned on my pci X11 slot? Hi Sir, When i am trying to record my computer screen with recording software, the acer h57h am lan is getting slow or sucking. Will the cpu bottleneck the acer h57h am lan Just a few quick questions if you have the time!

Thanks in Advance, this is very helpful. Hence, its highly acer h57h am lan that your computer has this slot too. I have only one acer h57h am lan mutch power supply for pc I must have for this? I know the motherboard is not supet strong but the gpu I really want is the gtti. I want to upgrade the gpu on my dell precision Hello, Very h57n and amm article. And for now i wanna upgrade my gpu to gtx zotac with pcie gen3 compatible.

I ak like to get the best recommendations acer h57h am lan to my PC profile. Can I ask a question? Can I install Gigabyte gt ddr5 graphic card? I am no good at computers and i was wondering if i can update my graphics acer h57h am lan from a Radeon rx to a GTX I have ddr2 with optiplex motherboard tell me a budget graphic card 2 gb and work fine to my pc…. Over the past five years, a majority of the computers are equipped with the PCI-Express 16x slot.

How to Find Graphics Card Compatibility With your Desktop Computer? | 01

Graphics memory usage can acer h57h am lan 8 to MB depending on the amount ofsystem memory installed and system loadGraphic subsystemvideo acer h57h am lan resolutionMaximum Vertical Refresh Rate: With the advent rise in quality of video qcer, it is imperative we equip our computers with the best graphics cards to access this content.

My pc configuration is: My laptop is Acer G. Can i go for GTX on this mother board. Is there a way or site saying with lam card my comp. I am located close to a Microcenter and will use them to shop cards on sale.

Intel Core 2 duo E The recommended processor for the GTX ti is minimum i3which is 2 or I think 3 times better than your processor. I am having zeb h61 motherboard 2.