Select an option to perform its function. This section also explains how this manual is put together. Samsung Cell Phone Batteries. This section also describes how to use the T9 predictive text entry system to reduce the number of key strokes needed to enter text. The Find screen appears in the display showing the Contacts entries with names that correspond to your key entries. Links are shown inside of brackets [ ].

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Select the desired storage location. Health and Safety Informatio Select from the following options: Highlight a message, then press Erase to remove the samsung sch-r500 usb message from the Outbox. Page 94 To send a Video message: If the new picture message is not highlighted, select the new message.

Galaxy Core Max Duos. Responsible Listening Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Galaxy Ace 4 LTE.

The following storage options appear in the display: Page 69 Video messages automatically download and samsung sch-r500 usb as they are received.

Enter a decimal exchange rate for the new currency using the keypad. Call Functions This section explains how to make and answer calls. The phone prompts you samsung sch-r500 usb confirm digit reset.

Galaxy S II 2.

Samsung Cell Phone Batteries | Samsung Mobile Battery

Galaxy Grand 3 Duos. Page 58 The following options appear in samsubg display: In Standby mode, press the Msgs soft key, then select Inbox.

Menu Navigation Access the menus and sub menus in your phone using the Navigation key and soft keys In Standby mode, press Menu Samsung sch-r500 usb Edit Contact screen appears in the display. If you have any stored memos, they appear samsunb a list in the display.

The Contacts entry information appears in the display with the new number posted in the appropriate number type field. All Calls You can review all of the calls log entries outgoing, incoming, and missed calls for the time and date of a call, as well as samsung sch-r500 usb information. Earpiece — Lets you hear ringing and alert tones, alarm tones, and the other parties to calls.

Samsung Cell Phone Batteries

View an event Samsung sch-r500 usb Standby mode, press Menu then select Calendar. While viewing the calendar, the current date is highlighted and days with scheduled events are surrounded by a box. Page Limited Warranty. Links are shown inside of brackets [ ].

Samsung SCH-R520 Series User Manual

Don’t samsung sch-r500 usb me this message again. When you change a setting, your change is retained until you change that setting or reset all your camera settings. The Quick Text sub-menu appears in the display.

Care Samsung sch-r500 usb Maintenance For safe disposal options for Li-Ion batteries, contact your nearest Samsung authorized service center. The use of any unauthorized accessories may be dangerous and void the phone warranty if said accessories cause damage or a defect to the phone. To samsyng and enter details of the event, use the Navigation key and the keypad.

If no preferred samsubg are found, any digital system is acquired. The Find screen appears in the display showing the Contacts entries with names that correspond to your key entries. samsung sch-r500 usb

Galaxy S II X. Other Important Safety Information, Product Performance Any changes or modifications to your phone not expressly approved in this document could void your warranty for this equipment, and void your authority to operate this equipment. Galaxy S6 Edge Dual Sim. Changing Your Call and Phone Settings This section explains how to customize your call and phone settings to suit your needs and preferences. Select the pause option of your choice to add it to the number sequence.

In camera mode, press the Options soft key, then highlight appear in the display: The Ringtone screen appears in the samsung sch-r500 usb. Calendar, View Samsung sch-r500 usb Event Section