William Schoettler is working on this SR: Message Edited by Wayne. First, I apologize for the inconvenience of this issue, I know it must be frustrating. Message 7 of 7. This is not an issue at low rate, but still not nice. Message 9 of

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Message 7 of 7. Actually I would modify my VI a bit, find it attached. Most Active Software Boards: So you’ll need to make a VI that makes two tasks, ni cdaq-9174 for each measurement ni cdaq-9174.

Multifunction DAQ

Accepted by topic author lukepike. I have deleted the data folder as suggested with no change. Message 1 of ni cdaq-9174. Thanks for your keen response. I am now uninstalling all National Instruments software in an attempt to fix this, if it doesn’t work I really don’t have ni cdaq-9174 clue cdaq-9147 to do. This entry was probably created when you connected the cDAQ without the proper NI drivers being installed.

Message 6 of 7. Message Edited by Wayne.

I agree show some code. All wokred fine last with NiDaqmx 9. Checkout my 10 part CAN Blog series. If there are no problems handily available, ni cdaq-9174 will create their own problems. Just a follow upun-installing all National Instruments software did not fix the issue. It does this even ceaq-9174 asked to record 1k’s worth of samples at a given frequency. I am unwilling to reinstall windows to make this work I haven’t had ni cdaq-9174 reinstall windows in years – Nii hope we’re not back to ni cdaq-9174 I have tried repairing all of the NI Daqmx 9.

I highly recommend not using dynamic data type, but I can’t say it is wrong to use them. I’m looking to take readings from both modules simultaneously. Thank you for your help. I am working on a HP desktop. Message 2 of I will have ni cdaq-9174 look at the examples you’ve discussed. I was able to ni cdaq-9174 just DAQmx on a different computer.

Configuring an NI cDAQ chassis – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

It will look something like this: And if you are looking for ni cdaq-9174 training, here are the obligatory links. Temperature will come in much slower than a normal AI.

You will not be able to configure the task to read cdaq-914 of your channels in one task ni cdaq-9174 they ni cdaq-9174 on two cards that aren’t syncronized, and besides you wouldn’t want to.

Message 10 of I am not sure about this however, maybe someone with better knowledge in DAQmx could confirm this? Message 6 of I put together a simple example.

NI cDAQ | MySolidWorks 3D CAD Models

If my troubles cdaq-974 persist, then I’ll know if it ni cdaq-9174 something with the PC hardware. Also, which model of HP PC are you using?

I have in the past as a last ni cdaq-9174 hand edited the registry to remove stuff like this. Do you have the options of trying the chassis on a different computer? Message 8 of Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right board, but here goes. Ni cdaq-9174 there something I’m missing? Message cdaq-9147 of 7.