If your monitor does not operate normally – in particular, if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming from it – unplug it immediately and contact an authorized dealer or O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. Do not place water containers, chemical products or small metal objects on the monitor. Sitting too close to the monitor on a continuous basis may damage eyesight. If it does, request an after-service for the main board of the computer.

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Safety Instructions Other Do samxung remove cover or back. See Connecting Your Monitor for further information regarding cable connections. Use these buttons samsung syncmaster 151bm highlight and adjust items using the On Screen Display.

The certified driver will be posted on Samsung Monitor Homepage http: How can I adjust the resolution? Samsjng those samsung syncmaster 151bm reside in other countries, please contact a nearest local Samsung dealer for recycling information for the samsung syncmaster 151bm to be treated in environmentally acceptable way. Samsunt guide is to demonstrate correct usage of LCD products in order to protect them from Image retention.

However, if the signal differs, the screen may go blank while the power LED is on. Do not pull the plug out by the wire nor touch the plug with wet hands. Page 8 Do not cover the vents on the monitor cabinet.

Then click “OK” button. For energy conservation, turn your monitor OFF when it syncmmaster not needed, samsung syncmaster 151bm when leaving it unattended samsung syncmaster 151bm long periods. Has the video card been set Your equipment will no longer be “out of order” or useless. Page 43 Federal Communications Commission. The party responsible for product compliance: Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Select “Don’t search ,I will.

O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. Page 16 Follow the directions samsung syncmaster 151bm appropriate for samsung syncmaster 151bm operating system you have. Monitor driver installation is completed. Keep a proper distance between your eyes and the monitor screen. Do not cover the vents on the monitor cabinet. The distance between two dots of the same color is called the ‘Dot Pitch’.

Setup Connecting Your Monitor 1.

Page 13 Setup Connecting Your Monitor 1. We have more than 1151bm W e can really help You to teach Your equipment samsung syncmaster 151bm work properly We have more than If it does, request an after-service for the main board of the computer. Select the “Monitor” tab. No user serviceable parts inside.

Samsung SyncMaster 153S, 173S, 193S, 174V, 175V User Manual

Specifications Preset Samsung syncmaster 151bm Modes SyncMaster S If the signal transferred from the computer is the same as the following Preset Timing Modes, the screen will be adjusted automatically. Page 48 For recycling information for TCO’03 certified monitors, for the residents in the following countries, please contact the company corresponding to your region of sameung.

Self-Test Feature Check 1. Information For Better Display 1.

SAMSUNG service repair manuals schematic diagrams user manuals parts lists owner manuals

Click “Start””Setting””Control Panel”. Turn off both your computer and the monitor. This may cause malfunction, an electric shock sansung a samsung syncmaster 151bm. Page 53 The best way to protect your monitor from Image retention is to set your PC or System to operate a Screen Saver program when you are not using it.

Samsung LTN173KT02-T01 Service Manual

Mercury damages the nervous system and is toxic in high doses. Page sasung Safety Instructions Other Do not remove cover or back. Plug the power cord for the monitor into a samsung syncmaster 151bm outlet.